Development of corporate site, redesign of the logo and photography for the network of shops "Optics Center"Visit the site
Разработка корпоративного сайта

With what to us have addressed?

Develop a corporate website, redesign the logo and personal photos for the chain of stores “Optics Center”, which was founded in December 1970 in Zaporozhye. Make a modern and understandable website so that the client can get acquainted with all the services, news and prices.

What we did?

  • 01 Photography
  • 02 Site design
  • 03 Technical realization: front-end, back-end
  • 04 Logo redesign
  • 05 Module “question-answer” for more communication with customers
  • 06 Copywriting
  • 07 User-friendly dashboard
  • 08 Technical Manual